The APPI Journal

Published twice a year – the Spring issue and the Autumn issue – and provided free of charge to members, The APPI Journal is a magazine focused on a diversity of English language teaching (ELT) matters of interest to classroom teachers and EFL professionals at large, with 64 pages, which began to be published in 2001. It consists of an editorial and feature articles on sundry aspects of language teaching and learning. It also has some regular sections, namely:

– the “APPInep Bulletin” (AB), a 16-page supplement, edited by Raquel Coelho (member no B-5142), which is entirely dedicated to the teaching and learning of very young learners (pre-primary and primary – 1st cycle basic education). AB took off in 2000, five years before the Government’s decision to extend the teaching of English to public-sector primary;

– the APPIforma section which provides relevant information on the annual continuing professional development (CPD) programme to be carried out by the association’s CPD centre – APPIforma – throughout the country; the also accredited and credited latest courses in the APPIforma menu; and the list of partnerships between APPIforma and various institutions for the provision of teacher training courses on the latter’s request;

– the ‘Your Language Workshop’ section which is focused on the use of English, namely grammar and vocabulary in multiple formats. Readers are put to the test on a double dimension: their language awareness and their usual teaching practice;

– the ‘On the bookshelf’ section which is focused on the analysis of some of the latest books on ELT mostly, according to such criteria as quality of content, style, and inspiration for classroom practice.

The APPI Journal like The APPI Newsletter also advertises APPI’s forthcoming events such as the annual conference, seminars and workshops.

Readers and teachers of English at large are invited to contribute with articles on teaching and learning EFL. Research, opinion and reports of personal experiences of interest to the teaching practice are also welcome. Guidelines on how to write up can be sent on request. Please contact to that effect.

Thank you.