The APPI Newsletter

newsletter_2012 2_ContentsThe APPI Newsletter was APPI’s first publication: it started in 1986 when APPI was taking its early steps. For fifteen years it was published 3/4 times a year, until The APPI Journal came out in 2001. The Newsletter had both a formative and informative nature then.

From 2001 on the Newsletter has been published twice a year, in July and December, in alternate seasons with the publication of the Journal which has had a Spring and an Autumn Issue; it is focused mostly on information about the activity of the Association and members. Updates on forthcoming or past events such as the annual conference, seminars, professional development courses provided by APPIforma; short duration workshops; reports of activities developed by the Association or institutions, groups of teachers or individual professionals are regularly present in the magazine.

However, the Newsletter has always included some feature articles of interest to classroom practice, preferably shorter than those in the Journal, given the amount of pages available: 32.

Members and teachers of English at large are kindly invited to contribute to the Newsletter. Guidelines on how to write up can be sent on request. Please contact to that effect. Thank you.