Where’s your English going? Advanced language and methodology workout for teachers


About this Course

Curso de Formação: 25 horas acreditadas
Destinatários: Professores dos grupos de recrutamento 120, 220 e 330 *
Certificação: CCPFC/ACC - 119634/23


Learning objectives

By the end of the course, teachers will have:

  • learnt more colloquial English (mostly UK varieties)
  • learnt about several UK accents through video footage and class discussion
  • added to their knowledge of formal, literary and high-level English
  • had any long-standing doubts about pronunciation or grammar finally answered
  • had a chance to write and have their writing corrected
  • been listened to and given feedback on their language, if they request it
  • taken part in a wide range of fluency activities that they can use with their students
  • looked at a number of ways native speakers are ‘creative’ with their own language
  • learnt about some errors and confusions that native speakers typically make

* Releva na dimensão científica e pedagógica para efeitos de progressão em carreira dos Professores dos grupos de recrutamento mencionados (artigo 9º do Regime Jurídico da Formação Contínua).

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