APPI Webinar: Stories that Move. Toolbox against discrimination

Published on Mar 19, 2024

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APPI Webinar

Stories that Move. Toolbox against discrimination

 Home - Stories That Move 

Join us and learn how to use Stories that Move as a tool to talk about diversity and discrimination with students.  Integrating discussions on these topics can also contribute to the development of students’ language skills. 

Aims of the webinar:

• To understand how the online toolbox can be effectively integrated into the classroom. 

• To exchange ideas on incorporating Stories that Move into language classes to foster meaningful interactions among students. 

• To familiarize participants with the blended method and visible thinking routines using examples from Stories that Move. 

• To introduce two learning paths within the online tool that explore the concepts of assumptions, prejudices, and discrimination.

The webinar will be led by Karen Polak, international coordinator of Stories that Move and trainer at the Anne Frank House, in collaboration with Catarina Mendes, Associação Comunidades que Florescem.

Registrations closed.

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