2nd APPI Arcozelo Seminar

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Venue: Escola Secundária/3 Arquiteto Oliveira Ferreira,

Arcozelo, Praia da Granja – Vila Nova de Gaia, PORTUGAL

Date: November 16 (Friday, 14.00-18.30) and 17 (Saturday, 9.00-18.45)

Accredited by the CCPFC – 12 hours.

The Associação Portuguesa de Professores de InglêsAPPI – Executive Committee is happy to announce that the 2nd APPI Regional Arcozelo Seminar will be held at Escola Secundária/3 Arquiteto Oliveira Ferreira, in Arcozelo, Praia da Granja, Vila Nova de Gaia, on November 16th and 17th, 2018. APPI is but most happy to come back to Arcozelo for the second edition of this Seminar and grateful to the school Executive Board to host it as back in 2016.


The Seminar key topic is ‘Linking, Developing and Supporting’.

Speakers will kindly develop the topic as they see suitable, particularly by sharing with the Seminar delegates their own ELT perspectives on effective ways:

– (‘Linking’) to build bridges to content, approaches, motivation of learners, and to bridge the sometimes vast gap between teaching theories and the practical day-to-day needs of classroom teachers…;

– (‘Developing’) to foster teachers’ continuing professional growth by challenging them to go beyond acquiring mere data and information and have them structure their own knowledge as a must to help them gain wisdom…;

– (‘Supporting’) to provide teachers with guidance and advice in order to enable them to enhance their teaching skills and produce better learning…

In fact, there is a wide range of possible issues pertaining to the topic, the list of suggestions to develop being almost endless.

APPI is happy to announce that the following speakers have confirmed their presence:

Filipa Duarte (Freelancer); José Moura Carvalho (APPI); Lola Garay Abad (Trinity College London); Lucy Bravo (Knightsbridge Examination and Training Centre); Luísa Geão (Cambridge Assessment English); Marina Viana (Escola Secundária Aurélia de Sousa); myheARTcompany (pedagogical theatre company); Neil Mason (Freelancer); Patrícia Granja (Lion Language Centre); Susana Oliveira (Agrupamento de Escolas de Sobreira, Paredes); Tim Perry (British Council).

The above information will be updated very shortly. Please keep in touch. 

The Seminar programme will be available later in the current month. Thank You.


2nd APPI Arcozelo Seminar Registration Form | 2018