Intercultural Citizenship Education through Picturebooks in early English Language Learning' (ICEPELL) - Projeto Erasmus+


About this Course

Oficina de formação em regime de b-learning: 60 horas acreditadas
Destinatários: Professores de Inglês dos grupos 120 e 220 que lecionem na Educação pré-escolar, 1º e/ou 2º CEB *
Certificação: CCPFC/ACC-110549/21


- ICE in early EFL

- Picturebooks and early EFL

- Storytelling and mediation

- Materials development

- Developing ICEKits and presenting ICEKits


To acquire the competences to promote a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning with picturebooks in order to develop ICE through early EFL curricula;

To increase the ability/confidence to:

- examine the intercultural domain in EFL classes;

- select picturebooks for ICE in early EFL;

- design, implement and evaluate ICE-related activities around picturebooks in English;

- assess the intercultural domain and citizenship values in early EFL classes;

- share and mediate picturebooks in English;

- reflect on the teaching and learning context;

- engage in intercultural dialogue for real with participants from different countries, as well as preparing for the ICECommunity / ICEPal activities on e-Twinning.


Moodle, Zoom and e-Twinning Platforms

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